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The Presents - Part 1 of 3 - the Tree : Third Star (from deleted scenes - The Presents)

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Sherlock is concentrated working on a new experiment using the microscope.

John: *whispers* Hello, my genius *kiss his neck*.
Sherlock: Hello John…
John: Mmmh… You are working on an experiment, that’s so sexy.
Sherlock: What?*frowns and flips*
John: I always consider that your experiments are sexy.
Sherlock: What are you talking about?
John: *he approaches his face* Come on, Sherlock, lets have sex righ here in the table.
Sherlock: *Smiles*.
John: Sherlock, Sherlock, are you ok? Are you listening to me?
Sherlock: Shut up, I’m thinking!

Aun no entiendo porque el pecado esta en alzar la mano para protegerse la cara de un golpe y no en el en el golpe que el padre le da a su hijo.

Happy birthday to one of the most adorable, talented and sexiest dorks on the planet. I really wish you have a wonderful day


Since you guys liked it so much…

Happy 38th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (19 July 1976)

Sherlock: Ah! John, please, stop!
John: I'm sorry, I can't stop. I need continue, I am already here.
Sherlock: No, please! It's huts me so much!
John: Resist just a little more.
Sherlock: I can't! My body cannot resist the pain for a long time.
John: All that is your fault.
Sherlock: It is not my fault that the Sun was so hot today!
John: It is your fault, you must protect your skin. Move, you have the burnt arms and I need to put more my medicine.


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We could have been so good together
We could have lived this dance forever
But no one’s gonna dance with me
Please stay




So everyone who watched that video today—yes THAT ONE—check this one out, too! It’s by the same person, and it’s also really quite flawlessly edited! This should cheer you up after all of the feels!

oh thank you

SO GOOD and funny! What a lovely reminder of what I love about this show. Siiigh.